Handwash Grape

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Foaming Hand Wash Refreshing Grape

Product Features:

  • Carries a refreshing fruity grape fragrance that lingers on the skin after wash.
  • Dispenses a rich, creamy foam that is 12x more voluminous than ordinary liquid hand wash, allowing for effective cleaning & easier rinsing among children.
  • Uses a new innovative Anti-Bacterial Foaming pump, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and promotes cleaner hand-washing.
  • Safe & gentle on children’s skin, with 100% Cleansing Ingredients derived from plants.

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Other Variants:

Provides 99.9% anti-bacterial by using IPMP (o-Cymen-5-ol) anti-bacterial formulation that effectively remove germs, yet gentle on skin.

Gentle and safe for kids with 100% plant cleansing ingredients.